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Computer Repair and Maintenance

SIIRES positions itself as a specialist in solutions and services.

Computer maintenance is a key element to ensure the proper functioning and performance of your computer equipment. A breakdown can have significant consequences such as loss of time, data and significant financial losses.

We offer administration services for your systems, management and maintenance of your equipment to allow you to focus on your core business.
We also offer computer maintenance contracts designed to control your budget, with preventive maintenance which consists of intervening on your equipment before they fail, as well as corrective maintenance which includes troubleshooting and repair actions for the restoration of equipment to working order after a failure.

We are also available for on-site troubleshooting services and infrastructure and application infogering services, determined according to your needs. Remember that computer maintenance is essential to avoid breakdowns and the additional costs they can entail.
At SIIRES, our computer maintenance services are packaged and include maintenance and monitoring of your computer network, as well as an infogering service and after-sales service.


Chatbots dedicated to IT support offer many advantages to users.

Thanks to their permanent availability, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, employees, whatever their time zone, can get answers to their technical questions at any time of day and wherever they are. This provides them with great ease of use and satisfaction.

Chatbots are able to provide immediate response times for most common requests which by reducing waiting times helps employees get back to work more quickly and improves the user experience.

Directly integrated into your collaborative suite - like Teams - it becomes a permanent contact for all your collaborators!

The scourge of spyware on phones

An investigation led by the cybersecurity company ESET, of which we are a distributor, sheds light on the matter.

  • The risk of falling victim to stalkerware has increased by 239% in three years according to Avast
  • There are ways to detect if your phone is infected
  • If you are a victim, there are steps to take to get out of it

This is a very worrying phenomenon that is growing.

The use of stalkerware has been on the rise for several years now.
As a reminder, these are surveillance software installed on a victim's device, allowing the attacker to spy on their location, conversations, images, or browsing history.
This practice often involves close family members, friends, or occurs in a professional setting.

The cybersecurity company ESET conducted a study on these applications.
In detail, experts manually analyzed 86 services available on Android.
They were able to identify 158 serious security and privacy issues that could allow an attacker to take control of a victim's device remotely.

Among the telltale signs, you may notice that your device suddenly performs worse than it did before with unexpected slowdowns.
Similarly, the appearance of a new homepage or default search engine should alert you.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your computer networks!