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Network installation

SIIRES is your certified partner specializing in network deployments. We provide design, installation, configuration and optimization services for your computer information system.

SIIRES can intervene at every stage of the implementation of your computer network or take care of it entirely. In order to ensure a fast and efficient network installation, a resource audit and functional analysis are systematically performed before the hardware is put in place.

  • Determination of the most appropriate network architecture for your needs.
  • Implementation of chosen solutions.
  • Installation of computer cabling.
  • Supply and installation of hardware.
  • Configuration and settings of servers, client workstations, modem, firewall and all network peripherals.
  • Upgrade of your current local network.

Administration and Maintenance of Your Business Network

SIIRES takes care of network administration and maintenance proactively, managing software, hardware, and security needs such as:

  • Changes in collaborators.
  • Addition, replacement, and troubleshooting of machines (servers, PCs, PT).
  • Installation of network printers, multifunction printers, and photocopiers.
  • Updates and upgrades of operating systems, software, and hardware.
  • Management of backup solutions and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
  • Monitoring of intrusion attempts.

Network and IT Innovations

SIIRES is informed and trained in network and IT innovations to offer suitable upgrades to its clients' needs.

For example, SIIRES is involved in the rise of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) with Azure Stack HCI.

  • HCI infrastructure is a high-performance, cost-effective, and easy-to-scale virtualization that consolidates software-defined computing, storage, and networking into a single cluster.
  • Furthermore, 10 Gigabit Ethernet-based convergence is a major innovation that allows the reduction of interface cards in servers and simplifies wiring.
  • Convergence of storage and data networks offers numerous benefits to businesses.
  • Firstly, it reduces costs by eliminating redundancies and using a single infrastructure for different data types.
  • In addition, it improves efficiency by streamlining data management and reducing administration time. Businesses can thus allocate more time and resources to other tasks.
  • Moreover, network convergence allows better resource utilization and complexity reduction, which enhances overall network performance.
  • This can also allow for a reduction in physical space required for equipment and a decrease in energy consumption.
  • Finally, the administrative gains should be considerable.
  • With convergence of storage and data networks, network teams have only one network infrastructure to manage and administer, instead of multiple autonomous infrastructures.
  • The presence of a convergent network simplifies interoperability by using the number of equipment and the usual compatibility matrix.
  • Maintenance is also simplified as firmware updates only need to be applied to a limited number of equipment.

In short, the benefits of convergence are felt literally from the ground up!