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Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Technologies

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Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Technologies

Emerging technologies and disruptive technologies, such as big data, AI, autonomous systems, and quantum technologies, have a major impact on the world.
They present opportunities for businesses that want to innovate and stand out from the competition.
Disruptive innovation, also known as disruptive innovation, is a key concept for companies seeking to radically change traditional practices and create new categories of products or services. It allows companies to make solutions accessible to customers that once seemed unimaginable, producing a surprise effect.
Artificial intelligence is an example of an emerging technology that can help businesses improve their processes and decision-making, as well as offer more personalized products and services.

Why use artificial intelligence in your business?

From Alexa of Amazon turning on the TV, to Google robots calculating the optimal path to work, to thermostats, air conditioners and other connected devices... Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our environment.

To the point where its integration into a company is no longer really an option: it is a real opportunity for the development of tomorrow's business.
But concretely, why use it in your company? Why trust artificial intelligence?

Simply to add value to your company!

Artificial intelligence has been defined as "the ability of a functional unit to perform functions generally associated with human intelligence". In other words, it is the ability of a system or machine to reproduce our way of thinking, us humans.
But not to replace us: to improve our comfort, our environment, increase our abilities or even eliminate repetitive tasks that we face daily.

In fact, artificial intelligence should be seen as a tool whose main purpose is to analyze, automate, optimize, and predict. There is no need to fear it or even see it as something out of the imagination of Hollywood producers.
Artificial intelligence is only the logical extension of computer tools.
In general, AI offers the ability to do more with less.

Today, companies benefit from an ever-wider range of tangible benefits from AI-powered systems, including the five below:

  1. Enterprise-scale resilience: AI allows for managing big data, automating complex processes, better predicting disruptions, and adapting to them.
  2. Better customer service: AI allows for personalizing service offerings and interacting with customers in real-time.
  3. Wise decision-making: AI provides actionable insights to make informed, real-time decisions.
    "Insights are an understanding of the actual needs, consciously or unconsciously expressed by customers."
  4. Relevant products and services: AI allows for modifying existing products and introducing new ones, based on the most relevant and up-to-date data regarding the market and customers.
  5. Engaged employees: AI can reduce the burden of menial tasks and help support employees for a healthy work-life balance.

Due to the significant increase in demand for artificial intelligence skills, companies are seeking experienced professionals in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.
In response to this growing demand, SIIRES is developing its expertise in these areas, positioning itself as a Prompt Engineer for generative artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Claude...

A Prompt Engineer is a professional specialized in writing prompts for generative AI models.

They are responsible for creating high-quality prompts for AI models to achieve the best possible results.
Unlike traditional computer engineers who use code, Prompt Engineers write in natural language.

Their role is to understand the capabilities of the AI and the source of its errors. They test the AI to develop and improve human-machine interaction models.
Prompt Engineers are often considered as people who whisper to the AI because they are capable of communicating with it by understanding how it interprets words.

At SIIRES, we offer our services as Prompt Engineers.

We are aware of the importance of AI for the future of companies and offer our skills as Prompt Engineers to help companies maximize the benefits of this technology.
We specialize in writing high-quality prompts for generative AI models and have a fine understanding of how these models generate their responses.

Automate your IT and Helpdesk support with a chatbot!

For companies, IT chatbots generate significant financial benefits.

By automating a large part of the most frequent support requests, they can significantly reduce costs related to dedicated teams.According to estimates, handling a question with a chatbot costs about 10 times less than with a human technician.

By relieving support teams of many repetitive tasks, chatbots also allow them to focus on more strategic, higher value-added projects.

No one wants to switch from one application to another to do their daily work or find answers.
If users can do both on a single platform and spend more time on thoughtful and strategic tasks, they are more likely to enjoy their work (according to a Harvard Business Review study).

Thus, IT chatbots are a profitable investment for cost-optimized and productivity-improving companies.

If you wish to integrate AI into your company, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.